If you have been bitten, have seen or suspect you have bedbugs then contact Hobbs Wildlife Services immediately for an informal discussion on 07837888108.

We can reassure your fears, offer advice and implement a treatment program that cannot be beaten.

Any requests to deal with bedbugs will be dealt with the strictest confidentiality. We use unmarked vehicles and plain clothes uniform.

Quick and effective callouts can be arranged at a time to suit you.

What are bed bugs?

Adult bedbugs are a reddish  brown in colour, 4-5 mm in length and do not have wings

Bedbugs are oval shaped and flat- which allows them to hide in numerous places.

They will avoid light so are not normally seen in day time.  They will normally hideaway in difficult to get at places.

Examples include:

in mattresses including in the seams, behind buttons etc
behind or in head boards and bed frames
In the furniture- sofas, bedside cabinets, lamps, telephones, radio, etc.
Cushions, carpets and curtains
In stored clothing.

Bedbugs survive on human blood and only need to feed every 3-5 days.

The bedbug can live for 9-18 months at normal room temperature providing it has a host to live on.

The female bedbug will generally lay 2-3 eggs per day and will continue to do so throughout her life. She can produce around 400- 500 eggs in her lifetime. Infestations can be created in a very short time.

Bedbugs will need to be where their host is going to be for an extended time (hence normally found in bedrooms). First signs of bed bugs are normally bites on your body. You will not feel the bed bug bite you.

Other examples of where bedbugs can be found are:

Nursing, care homes
Police cells
Rest rooms
Bus, rail, plane terminals

Treatment of bedbugs

We can provide a very flexible service with fast callout and times to suit you. All requests are dealt with in the stickiest confidence. All vehicles are unmarked and plain clothes uniforms are used.

You will be best advised to seek professional help  as due to the life cycle/ habits bedbugs can be very difficult to eradicate
We  will do a thorough inspection of the area to determine the extent and source of the problem. Every situation is different so will require an individual approach.
I will use a residual insecticide which will give a two week cover and a knockdown treatment before leaving to draw out any bedbugs. These combined treatments will ensure a high degree of effectiveness.
Due to the life cycle and nature of bedbug’s two treatments will normally be required 14 days apart.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for an informal discussion at anytime.


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