I am a mole catcher operating in Cheshire and the surrounding areas. I am a member of the British Traditional Molecatchers register and have been catching moles for over twenty years, since I was a child working on a farm. Since then I have caught many moles in situations ranging from private gardens, large scale farms, church yards and commercial premises.

What is a mole?

The mole is a native of this country. He is a lot smaller than most people imagine, being about 6 inches long and weighing about 4 ounces. They are normally dark gray in colour although lighter coloured moles are sometimes reported. Its diet consists of mainly earthworms, of which it has to eat a vast amount every day, but it will also eat beetles, grubs, spiders, etc.

Moles are solitary animals by nature, only coming together to mate in the spring. In fact if two moles meet outside of the breeding season then a very serious fight can take place. Moles mate in the spring and usually have 3 – 4 young which are normally born in June. They can live up to four years.

Moles spend a lot of their time in a network of tunnels which it constructs in order to trap its food supply, mainly worms. A worm will burrow through the

ground until it falls into one of the mole’s tunnel systems. The mole, which patrols around on a regular basis, will come upon the worm and eat it.

What is a mole hill?

Molehills are heaps of displaced soil pushed to the surface up vertical tunnels at intervals while a mole is burrowing. When tunneling, a mole uses one front foot to force soil upwards into a molehill while it braces the other, and its hind feet, firmly against the walls of the tunnel. It can move twice its own weight of soil a minute.

How to catch a mole

There are many devices available on the market to catch or deter moles , most of which do not work. I believe that the most humane way to deal with a mole problem  is to trap them and these are the tools that I use.

If you have a problem with moles and would like some help then please, do not hesitate to contact me here.

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