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Wasp & Wasp Nest Removal Cheshire

The queen wasp is born in the late summer. She mates and then alone hibernates throughout the winter. All the other wasps will die out before winter. She emerges in the spring and sets to making a small nest out of wood pulp. She lays a small number of eggs which hatch out. These wasps will gradually increase in number, taking over the running and expansion of the nest. The queen will lay eggs for the rest of the year.

By august time a typical nest will number about 2000. The queen will start producing male wasps and virgin queens whereby the cycle will start over again.

It is the female wasp which will sting using a complex poison. Antihistamines normally help reduce the irritation but repeated stings or being hypersensitive can require urgent treatment for shock.

We at Hobbs Wildlife Services can provide a fast, reliable and guaranteed treatment of wasp nests.

Ant Control & Removal

There are 47 seven species of ant in Britain. They live in complex colonies, housed in networks of tunnels which they dig in soil or wood. These colonies, which number anything from a few dozen to 100,000 individuals, sometimes last more than 50 years.

Ants cause problems by their scavenging behaviour, are often found in domestic and commercial properties. They can cause a nuisance with mating swarms in late summer. Some species of ant will also sting, producing a reaction similar to nettle stings.

Treatment of ants will involve identifying the species of ant. This is vitally important in order to assess the method of control. A normal treatment will involve using either a residual insecticide or gel.

Cluster flies

Cluster flies can cause a problem in the winter months when they hibernate, normally in loft spaces, in their hundreds or thousands. Although they do not cause any damage they can cause a particular nuisance in living/ working areas.

Treatment normally consists of an Ultra Low Volume insecticide which will provide a knockdown treatment of adult flies.

Most insect species are dealt with by Hobbs Wildlife Services in a variety of circumstances. Examples include

Silverfish, beetles and other crawling insects
House flies, midges and other flying insects
Bees- including swarm removal
Fleas, lice, mites


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